Helpful Tips - 0% Car Financing

Is 0% car financing always the best solution?

The 0% car financing is very attractive for most consumers. Is it really for everybody and in every situation? Here are four things to check before making a “good deal”!

1. The impact of 0% financing on the price of the vehicle

In the context of a 0% financing promotion, it is possible that in order to compensate for lost credit costs, the price of the vehicle is increased, restricting the negotiating capacity of the buyer.

2. Limits and exclusions on 0% car financing

Before you start shopping, it is important to know whether the 0% financing promotion limits the choice of vehicles. It is always useful to have your list of questions at the ready when you meet a car merchant in order not to forget anything, and especially, to be well prepared to negotiate with the dealer.

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3. Compare promotions on the various vehicles

Find out at the very beginning of the purchasing process about the promotions on featured vehicles. Some can be combined, but sometimes you have to make a choice between two interesting offers. For example, is it better to go with the 0% financing rate or a cash rebate? Compare both options based on your personal criteria to determine which is the best promotion on the vehicles depending on the context.

4. Purchase a car according to your budget and means

It is important to keep in mind the price you will pay in the end, and to take advantage of all possibilities. The 0% financing does not always guarantee the maximum savings. Shopping for a car does not only mean shopping for a monthly payment. Unfortunately, that sometimes means a smaller or less luxurious vehicle. But adjusting one’s wishes to one’s reality is always worth the effort.
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