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Loan scenario calculator

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Calculate the vehicle price

Calculate the amount of your payments based on the loan amount.

Calculate what you can afford to pay for a vehicle based on your budget.

Calculate your payments
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Calculate the trade-in value

We can help you determine the amount you’ll need to borrow based on the following:

  • The purchase price of the vehicle you want including tax
  • The trade-in value of your current vehicle
  • The balance of your current loan
  • Your down payment
Calculate the loan amount

This is your budget to buy a new vehicle. Remember to specify whether your payments would be monthly, every two weeks or weekly.

If you’d like to use a trade-in or a down payment to calculate the value of the vehicle you can afford, click More options and enter the appropriate information.

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Loan scenario calculator

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Assess before you buy

Use our calculator for an informed estimate of your current vehicle’s trade-in value to help you budget for your purchase.

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Make financing your next car that much easier with a pre-authorized Desjardins auto and leisure vehicule loan to speed up the process at the dealer.

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Thinking of a new hybrid or electric vehicle?

To encourage environmentally responsible actions, Desjardins offers purchasers of environmentally friendly vehicles a lower fixed interest rate and additional savings on auto insurance.

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The Desjardins Auto and Leisure vehicle Loan is a quick and easy way to make it happen. Secured by the vehicle this loan, allows you to get a competitive rate that’s lower than a personal loan.

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