Auto maintenance and resale

Get the best resale price for your car 

Did you know that the condition of your current vehicle can influence its value on the pre-owned vehicle market by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars?
On this page, you will find a few simple tips to help you get top dollar for your vehicle when it comes time to sell it.

Get the best price for your vehicle

It pays to make a good first impression. The fact is that your potential buyer’s mind will be made up about your vehicle within the first five minutes of inspecting it.
If your vehicle is looking its best when buyers see it for the first time, they’re more likely to make a generous offer. The opposite is also true; minor cosmetic blemishes give them a good excuse to undercut your asking price. The small investment it will take to touch up some paint or replace a burnt-out headlight can really pay off.

The vehicle exterior

It’s been proven that a used vehicle with an impeccable exterior will command a higher-than-average price. Consider taking steps to make the body of your vehicle look its best:
  • Polish the body; this will eliminate up to 90% of swirl and scratch marks.
  • Get dings and dents taken out by a professional or consult your dealer. In many cases, dealers can do the job for you or give you advice on the best course of action.
  • Freshen up the shine and colour of parts with over-the-counter products sold by auto detailing shops.
  • Give your vehicle a thorough cleaning, including the engine compartment. Don’t be shy about shelling out a few extra bucks for professional detailing. Your vehicle should shine like a new penny! An impeccable finish on a used vehicle is a sign of good maintenance and always makes a good impression.

Take care of the vehicle interior

Don’t forget about the vehicle interior: this is where the buyer will likely sit to inspect the vehicle closely:
  • Repair any holes or torn fabric.
  • Clean stains and spots, vacuum everywhere and wash the inside of the windows.
  • Pick up anything out of place under the seats and between seat cushions.

Eliminate odours in the vehicle!

Whether or not you are a smoker, there is zero tolerance for lingering smells from your vehicle’s past life:
  • Make sure there’s no hint of food or cigarette smells.

Replace any missing, non-standard or damaged parts

If the buyer will have to replace a vehicle part as soon as they purchase it, such as a cracked windshield or worn tires, they will deduct the cost of replacing such items from the used vehicle’s asking price:
  • Make sure all four tires are the same size, brand and model, and that they match the season.
  • Replace any damaged or worn vehicle parts.

Advertise your vehicle yourself

While merchants and dealerships may offer to buy back your vehicle, the best way to get top dollar for it is to sell it yourself, making an accommodation sale with your buyer. This will get you more money and reduce the sales tax you have to pay on your new vehicle.

Get an estimate for your vehicle

Use our value calculator to get an estimate of the value of your vehicle, and you’ll get a price range based on the Canadian Black Book, Canada’s standard authority for over 50 years. With a vehicle in perfect condition, you’re sure to be close to the top of the price range and get the best resale price for your used vehicle.

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