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Confidentiality terms and conditions

Important information

The Federation establishes a file in your name for the sole purpose of allowing you to (a) receive information about the estimated exchange value of your vehicles and (b) to save and view vehicle financing scenarios and (c) if you have agreed, to provide you with exclusives offers and information on the Federation's financing products and services that could help you be better prepared for the purchase of your next vehicle and (d) if you have agreed, to receive the eSpaceAuto newsletter. The personal information in this file is kept on the premises of the Federation or its representatives and is accessible to their employees only when justified for the performance of their duties. Your personal information may be kept by the Federation or its representatives outside Canada and may be shared with authorities of the country where it is stored, in compliance with applicable laws. You have the right to know the contents of this file and to have any inaccurate information corrected. To do so, you must write to